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Evaluation of the Students at Risk programme

Students at Risk (StAR) is a pilot programme established in 2014 with the aim to identify students, who, due to their human rights activism, are at risk of being formally or de facto denied educational or other rights in their home country, and to provide them with an opportunity to complete their education in Norway. It is a highly complex programme that involves some 70 different institutions, including different ministries and government services, student organisations and other NGOs, as well as a number of Norwegian HEIs and embassies.

This is a midway evaluation of the StAR programme. The main purpose is to instruct the further operation of the programme and to serve as a basis for the MFA’s decision on its further existence and form. It is based on interviews with the students and representatives of many of the institutions involved, and a desk study of relevant documentation. SIU conducted the evaluation in cooperation with Ideas2evidence.

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