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About SIU

The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) is a Norwegian public sector agency that promotes international cooperation at all levels of education. SIU is located in the city of Bergen, Norway.

New organisation from the new year

The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU), the Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education (Norgesuniversitetet) and the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (PKU) have merged into one organisation with effect from 1 January 2018. Services and activities will continue as before for the time being.

The new organisation is intended to promote quality in universities and university colleges, tertiary vocational education and artistic research through national and international incentive schemes. It will also strengthen quality through internationalisation in primary and secondary education.

The new organisation has about 110 employees, and is led by Director General Harald Nybølet. The head office is in Bergen, and the organisation also has an office in Tromsø. The name of the new organisation has not yet been decided.

Until we have a new name in place and new common channels of communication have been established, we will continue to use the three organisations’ websites etc. in the same way as before:

Business as usual – and new tasks

The services and activities of SIU, Norgesuniversitetet and PKU will continue in the same way and with the same high quality as before.

The new organisation has also been assigned several new tasks. It will be responsible for the work of establishing a new national arena for quality in higher education, and will take over responsibility for the Textbook Committee from the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR), and for the Centres of Excellence in Higher Education (SFU) and the awards for quality of education from the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). The transfer of the SFU scheme will take place gradually.

Norway’s official agency

SIU is Norway’s official agency for international programmes and measures related to education. It is commissioned by several national and international public organisations to administer programmes at all levels of education.

In addition to programme administration, SIU is responsible for promoting Norway as a cooperation and study destination, as well as providing information and advisory services within the field of internationalisation in education.

Director General

Director Harald Nybølet

Harald Nybølet is the current Director General at SIU. Director Nybølet is a political scientist and has extensive international experience. In addition to a broad background from the EFTA Secretariat in Brussels, he has worked for OECD in Paris and for the Nordic Council of Ministers. Nybølet has also experience from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, where he was Head of Department. 


SIU is funded through assignments from:

  • The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research (KD)
  • The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD)
  • The Nordic Council of Ministers
  • The Commission of the European Community
  • Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

 The official name of SIU in other languages:

  • Norwegian: Senter for internasjonalisering av utdanning (SIU)

SIU is located at Fortunen 1 in the centre of Bergen

More information

You can read more about SIU on our Norwegian website.