SIU har blitt Diku – Direktoratet for internasjonalisering og kvalitetsutvikling i høyere utdanning. Det vil komme et nytt nettsted tidlig 2019.

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SIU strategy

Here you will find our mission strategy for the forthcoming period 2017 - 2021. Its main theme is "Internationalisation for all".

SIU has a national role as a leader in internationalisation work for the entire education sector. SIU’s activities shall better enable individuals, institutions and businesses to take part in international cooperation and to meet a globalised society and labour market.

Vision: Internationalisation for all

Everyone involved in education and training, those who travel from Norway, those who remain at home and those who come to Norway, shall experience an international learning environment.   Internationalisation shall cover all levels of education and all learning arenas.

Download SIU strategy 2017 - 2021

Download the SIU strategy in a handy PDF-format

1. SIU shall be a driving force in the internationalisation of Norwegian education in a way that better prepares pupils, trainees, students and employees to meet a globalised society and labour market

Internationalisation opportunities shall be available to everyone who is in education or training. All pupils, trainees, and students, regardless of whether they go on an exchange abroad, shall gain experience of interacting with people from other countries, learn about international relations and ways of thinking, and take part in intercultural communication. SIU shall develop and run programmes and arrangements that help make this possible.
SIU shall assist Norwegian educational institutions in developing strong relations with outstanding institutions, academic communities, and businesses. SIU shall also help to build competence and capacity in developing countries. International cooperation in education shall be linked to research, innovation, and practical training.

In order to achieve these aims in the current period, SIU shall, among other things:

  • advise educational institutions in their work on including international perspectives in programme curricula and learning outcome descriptions
  • work to ensure that high-quality exchanges or international semesters at home are the norm in all study programmes in higher education
  • work to increase the number of pupils and trainees that participate in high-quality exchanges/placements as an integral part of their education
  • lead the way in ensuring that Norwegian pupils, trainees, and students have good access to up-to-date information about opportunities for education abroad
  • contribute to competence building and innovation in the labour market and in business and industry through international cooperation in education
  • promote the development and use of digital solutions as tools in internationalisation work
  • work to increase institutional cooperation and mobility with European and other priority partner countries, through increased participation in Erasmus+, among other things.

2. SIU shall generate and disseminate new knowledge about internationalisation and provide input to policy development in Norwegian and international bodies

SIU shall be an active adviser and partner for the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries and public bodies. SIU’s knowledge and expertise shall provide a foundation for decision-making and input to the development of policies and instruments. SIU shall also contribute knowledge to and take part in public debate.

SIU shall attempt to impact processes and policies at the European Commission and other European institutions to benefit the Norwegian education sector. This effort is facilitated by SIU’s knowledge and experience and by participation in the Norwegian Contact Office for Research, Innovation and Education (NorCore) in Brussels.

In order to achieve these aims in the current period, SIU shall, among other things:

  • systematically expand its knowledge base on and for the internationalisation of education in cooperation with other actors
  • lead the effort to ensure that central governing documents at all levels of education contain clear internationalisation goals
  • influence the further development of Erasmus+ after 2020
  • initiate, develop, and implement new programmes and arrangements
  • measure, systematise, and communicate results from programmes and arrangements
  • strengthen the knowledge base for the public debate on internationalisation of education


3. SIU shall promote Norway as a knowledge nation

SIU shall cooperate with Norwegian educational institutions, authorities, and other relevant actors to improve the reputation of Norwegian education abroad and contribute to the recruitment of students and partners.

In close collaboration with Norwegian embassies and other relevant actors, SIU shall increase activity and strengthen Norway's presence in those countries prioritised for knowledge cooperation by the Norwegian authorities. The aim is to facilitate Norwegian institutions’ cooperation with actors in these countries.

In order to achieve these aims in the current period, SIU shall, among other things:

  • improve cooperation with the Norwegian embassies to market Norway as a knowledge nation
  • establish joint operations or other binding forms of collaboration with the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway in at least three priority partner countries
  • contribute to building educational institutions' competence in establishing an international presence and in recruitment and integration of international students.

4.   SIU shall be a forward-looking and attractive knowledge organisation

SIU shall represent a modern, democratic organisational culture with strong leadership, a diverse workforce, and a respectful and open working environment. 

SIU shall attract, develop and retain employees who have a high level of relevant and diverse competence. As a forward-looking and efficient organisation, SIU shall work systematically on the digitalisation of work processes and tools to continuously improve the services and support it provides to the education sector.

In order to achieve these aims in the current period, SIU shall, among other things:

  • increase the number of trainees and students on practical training placements in the organisation
  • increase the number of work placements for employees, both nationally and internationally
  • have a competent workforce that reflects the diversity of society
  • attempt to identify and take advantage of its rationalisation potential, including further digitalisation of activities
  • improve the organisation’s environmental profile with an aim to certification


Download the SIU strategy in a handy PDF-format