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Moscow by night

Nordic-Russian Cooperation

The Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme in Education and Research supports joint cooperation projects between higher education and research institutions in Russia and the Nordic Countries.

Photo left: Esmerald City by Alexey Kljatov/Flickr (Creative Commons License)


The project coordinators from the main partner institutions in the Nordic countries and Russia are jointly responsible for developing and submitting the required reports.

Report deadline: 30.09.2018

SIU applies online reporting of progress and finances for all projects. Annual reports must be submitted via SIU's online reporting system Espresso.

Continued financial support from the Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme depends on the submission of the required reports and on the SIU's approval of the reports.

Final reporting

As a general rule, the main Nordic partner institution shall within 01.03.2018 provide SIU with a final report and final accounts for the project. The final report shall include a description of the project results together with an assessment of the overall success of the project.

Projects that have been granted no-cost extension, must sumit the final report and accounts no later than 30.09.2018.

The main Nordic partner institution must, to the extent necessary, consult all involved partners in order to prepare complete reports.