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International Partnerships for Excellent Education, Research and Innovation.

INTPART will fund partnerships between Norwegian higher education and research institutions and excellent partners in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South-Africa and USA. The 2017 call had also a small opening for France and Germany. 

Special emphasis is on integrating higher education- and research, and may include business partners.

The aim is to develop world-class research and education in Norway through long-term international cooperation.


A new call for applications under the INTPART programme has been launched. The application deadline is 25 April 2018. More information is available at the INTPART call and on the INTPART programme website of RCN (Research Council Norway).


The objective of the INTPART programme is to develop world-class research and education in Norway through long term international cooperation.

  • The programme will create a framework for expanding cooperation between academic groups considered to be at the international forefront today or that are believed to have the potential to become world leaders in their fields in the future.
  • The programme will help to increase the extent and enhance the quality and relevance of scientific cooperation with selected countries, in particular by establishing strong ties between higher education and research cooperation. It will also pave the way for cooperation with the business and public sectors, when relevant.
  • The programme will ensure that its portfolio covers all eight countries: Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa and the USA, and encompasses both new and established partnerships.
  • The programme will provide funding for the establishment and further development of institutional cooperation on research and higher education. In addition to including relevant academic environments/research groups, the collaborative activities should also involve strategic leadership and administration, and be reflected in the strategic plans of the applicant institution. Educational cooperation must be integrated as far as possible in the institution’s other educational programmes, and must comprise activities that extend beyond collaboration between individual researchers and doctoral candidates.

The programme is mangaged by the Research Council Norway (RCN) and Norwegian Centre of Internationalisation in Education (SIU) in cooperation.

Previous allocations:

A short summary of allocated projects can be found at the Project databank of RCN, by entering "INTPART" in the search field.

INTPART projects funded in 2015 

INTPART projects funded in 2016.

INTPART projects funded in 2017


The PANORAMA strategy

INTPART is one of the main components of the Ministry of Education's Panorama strategy, a strategy for cooperation in higher education and research towards Brazil, India, Japan, China, Russia and South Africa. (2015-2020).

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