SIU har blitt Diku – Direktoratet for internasjonalisering og kvalitetsutvikling i høyere utdanning. Det vil komme et nytt nettsted tidlig 2019.



InternAbroad is a pilot initiative that will support Norwegian higher education institutions that aim to establish the structures, routines and networks necessary for providing internship opportunities for students they send abroad.

Current information

11 application was received by the application deadline the 25th September. 3 for South Africa, 2 for Brazil, 2 for China, 1 for Japan, 1 for Russia, 1 for USA and 1 for USA+India in combination. We plan to award the projects by the end of October.

About the programme

InternAbroad is a pilot initiative developed by SIU and supported by Innovation Norway. The objective is to increase the number of students from Norway who do a credit-yielding internship or work placement abroad, where they get practical experience in a job, enhance intercultural competencies and language skills, and acquaint themselves with work environments and business cultures in a foreign country. As a result, students will benefit from a more relevant education, and companies and organisations will benefit from access to a pool of talented students who may become future employees.

Norwegian Higher educational institutions may apply for NOK 300 000 in funding for a two-year project. Funding can be used for development, travel costs, student scholarships and other relevant costs.

The internships may be undertaken in any form of business or organisation, whether it is small or large, private or public, for-profit or non-profit. Eligible host organisations include, but are not limited to, companies, government departments and agencies, embassies, hospitals, schools, kinder gardens, NGOs and research institutes.

Partner countries

In the pilot phase, the funds for InternAbroad are pooled together from UTFORSK and the Partnership Program with North America. The internships must therefore take place in one or more of the partner countries of these programmes: Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Canada or USA.

The 2017 allocation

Through the 16 projects funded in 2017, ca. 130 Norwegian students will get the opportunity to do credit-yielding internships in local enterprises in one of the partner countries. Around 90 % of the students will be in the partner country more than 3 months. Many will take subjects at partner universities parallel to the internship. Most of the projects were in the field of business and economy, but there were also projects within engineering, media and social work. An overview of supported projects can be found attached below.