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Eurasia Programme

The Eurasia Programme supports project cooperation between institutions in Norway and Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 

Reporting and deadlines

The project coordinators from the main partner institutions (IoN and IiN) for each project are jointly responsible for developing and submitting the required reports. SIU applies online reporting of progress and finances for all projects.

Continued financial support from the Eurasia programme depends on the submission of the required reports and on SIU's approval of the reports.

Long-term project cooperation

For projects running for several years, the deadline for annual reports is 1 March each year. New projects will be required to deliver a project start-up report , for which the deadline will be specified in the project contract.

A project final report shall be delivered before 1 March the year after completion of the project.

Short-term project cooperation/Project development funding

Deadline for reporting will be specified in the project contract and will usually be set to two months after the completion of the project activities.

Online reporting

SIU applies online reporting of progress and finances for all projects. Project coordinators in the Eurasia countries and in Norway have equal access to all relevant documents regarding the project through SIU’s online application and reporting system called "Espresso".

SIU online application - Espresso

All project coordinators (IoN and IiN) can access the reporting form in Espresso with a personal user name (e-mail address) and password. If you are not registered as user of Espresso, please go to Espresso Register and apply you e-mail as user name.

If there has been a change of project coordinator, he or she must be given access to the project documents.

Click here for further instructions.

Up to four other people may be given access to edit the documents.

Guidelines for the reporting, as well as technical instructions, are included in the reporting templates. Please note that some sections in the template include buttons marked “more help”. Further explanations can be found there.

Technical assistance

If the project coordinators need technical assistance to access, navigate within or submit the report, please contact the ICT helpdesk at SIU by sending an e-mail to Other queries should be sent to the programme coordinator, Bård Hekland, at