SIU har blitt Diku – Direktoratet for internasjonalisering og kvalitetsutvikling i høyere utdanning. Det vil komme et nytt nettsted tidlig 2019.



ASEM-DUO is a fellowship-granting programme for students in ASEM member countries who will engage in two-way educational exchanges between Asian and European institutions. 

Call for applications

  • There are currently no open calls.

Diku is not involved in the administration of the DUO programmes. Questions related to the calls for applications should be directed to the contact person(s) listed in the individual call. General questions can be sent to Diku.

About the programme

Norwegian students are eligible for participation in three ASEM programmes: DUO-KoreaDUO-Singapore and DUO-Thailand. The programmes aim to enhance a balanced mobility of students between ASEM member states in Asia and ASEM member states in Europe by supporting paired-based and two-way exchanges. In this respect, the programmes requires that a pair (two persons) of students be exchanged in the framework of a cooperative project / cooperation between higher education institutions in an ASEM member state in Asia and an ASEM member state in Europe. The universities participating in the programme should have an academic cooperative agreement at the institutional level. Additional requirements are listed in the individual calls for applications.